Post-Conference INC article Wrap Up!

We are so excited the learnings and insights generated at the conference are already making their way into the world! INC magazine reporter Andrew Thomas attended the conference and was able to distill some of the key learnings that are important messages that need to be shared in the workplace now. The key message is that cultivating culture within teams and organizations is no longer an option or afterthought, it is essential to the underlying success and vitality of your organization. 

A summary of the learnings shared in the article: 

  1. "Creating safety” - an interview with Ashanti Branch from EverForward
  2. "Have fun" - an interview with Betsy Crouch and Zoe Galvez from ImprovHQ
  3. "Setting the tone” - an interview with Anese Cavanaugh from Contagious Culture
  4. "Treat culture like a product” - an interview with Justin Rosenstein from Asana
  5. "Value diversity” - an interview with Rachel Williams from Yelp
Jenny Sauer-Klein