[Video] Rachel Williams, Head of Diversity + Inclusion at Yelp

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Watch the "No Inclusion, No Diversity" mainstage talk from our 1st Annual The Culture Conference on what Rachel Williams has been exploring as the Head of Diversity + Inclusion at Yelp. She has some serious storytelling skills!

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Want to master the art of being inclusive? Then don't talk. Listen.
by Solonje Burnett-Loucas from our Community
"...companies who focus only on diversity, without tackling its counterpart, inclusion, are missing the mark by a mile, as well as a huge opportunity to create real impact."

2017 Tech Leavers Study from Kapor Capital
A fantastic report on how unfairness-based turnover in tech is a $16 billion a year problem. There is a high cost to bad culture, and this is a self-inflicted wound.

• Women make up 50% of the U.S. population and only 25% of the tech workforce; African American or Latinx adults combined make up 30% of the nation’s population, but just 15% of the tech workforce.
• Among the top revenue-grossing technology companies (like Apple, Google, and Facebook), Black and Latinx employees combined represent only 3-5% of all employees.
• Employees in the tech industry were significantly more likely to leave due to unfairness than technical employees in the non-tech industry
• Within tech, technical employees were significantly more likely to leave due to unfairness than those in non-technical positions

1 Big Secret of Success That Most Entrepreneurs Overlook Every Day
Check out the great things Inc. magazine wrote about us!

Human Resources Isn't About Humans
If HR is designed to be the preferred interface between companies and employees — to protect them and help them manage their careers in what can be complex ecosystems — it seems to be falling short. The stories that have emerged show HR departments that ignore or penalize employees when they complain about harassment.

5 Lessons from the Pioneers of Company Culture
by Adam Smiley Poswolsky from our Community
Organizations that understand how to build an inclusive, creative, balanced, and transformative experience for their employees (and their customers) will own the future.