[Video] David Hassell, Founder + CEO of 15FIVE

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David Hassell, Founder + CEO of 15FIVE, speaks on the mainstage at The Culture Conference 2017 on How to 10X Your People: The simple mindset shifts to help you unleash your team's potential. Learn how his whole team orients toward innovative approaches including growth mindset and zone of genius.


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The Art & Science Of Transformational Experience: An Interview With Jenny Sauer-Klein
15Five, David Mizne
"When’s the last time you excitedly ran down the hall, jumping for joy to join a meeting? For most people, the answer is probably neverBut there are innovators out there who are creating methods for making meetings and presentations engaging, fun, and transformational."

The Mystery and Art of Living
Thrive Global, Krista Tippett
"I’m excited to begin pondering in this space about the mystery and art of living. How we spend our days, Annie Dillard writes, is how we spend our lives. I love that, and it’s one of those realities so basic we can almost forget its truth."

Atlassian Boosted Its Female Technical Hires By 80% — Here’s How
First Round Review, Aubrey Blanche
"Increasing diversity and inclusion (we’ll call it D&I here) may be the white hot topic in tech right now, but so much of the casual wisdom passed around remains theoretical and unproven. By contrast, Blanche has put enough to the test over enough time (at both Atlassian and Palantir before that) to back up her recommendations."


Happy Companies Aren't Enough (We Need More Meaning)
From Our Community, Kristoffer "KC" Carter
"Don’t get me wrong—happiness matters. People deserve every opportunity to be happy. The challenge with happiness is that it can be fleeting. As soon as we trip over it, we’re looking for our next fix. Employers need to accept there are many factors for happiness in our lives, but work is only one (and that’s if we’re lucky). "


Why Sexual Harassment Is More of a Problem in Venture Capital
Harvard Business Review, Joan C. Williams
"The only thing that surprises me about the recent furor over sexual harassment by Silicon Valley venture capitalists is that people are surprised. We have been watching these stories go viral for a long time. "


Jenny Sauer-Klein