Top 10 Reasons You Won't Want to Miss The Culture Conference

heck out the 10 Reasons you'll be genuinely happy to have attended The Culture Conference – we take a lot of pride in how valuable of an investment we are for our attendees and presenters! Also check out some of our favorite memories from last year, below.

Why we're different:

  1. EVERYONE is awesome. Seriously, they really are. And each attendee is hand selected as a pioneer in the culture space.
  2. Experiencing culture from the inside, out. We're doing more than just theorizing and talking about culture. The focus of our experience is to practice BEING the culture we want to bring back to our teams and organizations.
  3. Learn from the best. You’ll connect with leaders inside world-class culture-forward companies, who are doing the work everyday and will be sharing their best nuggets.
  4. Intimate and up close. You'll have the opportunity to connect closely with the community and won’t get lost in the crowd with only 175 attendees. We've curated this intentionally, to ensure more meaningful and lasting connections.
  5. We have a NO BORING policy. That’s right, we’re so committed to keeping you engaged, we’ll actually give you your money back if you ever feel you’d rather be checking email instead of being at the event.
  6. Truly transformative. We design our content around more than tips, tools, and techniques, you'll step into who you need to become in order to have the culture you want. We emphasize interaction as part of the criteria for our workshops.
  7. Meet mentors, friends, and collaborators. You'll have numerous opportunities to collaborate and establish new and meaningful relationships that can support you in your role year-round.
  8. The venue! Our stunning venue at OneWorkplace will knock your socks off. You'll enjoy a flow of indoor and outdoor space, that's warm, open, modern, and comfortable, including the hippest office furniture and design on the market. 
  9. GOURMET FOOD TRUCKS. What’s not to love? Last year we had hand-kneaded, wood-fired pizza and sushi burritos, as a couple of them.
  10. Hit the ground running. We want you to get something you can take away and use, not just theory. You'll learn tangible, practical, actionable things you can apply to your organization right away when you take back to work Monday morning!

And most of all, you'll have FUN! We want to flip the script on the dry, informational, conference format. It’s time to enjoy the process of learning again!

We hope to see you there!


Jenny Sauer-Klein