A Private Invitation To Join Us

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Dear fellow leader,

We're honored to invite you to join us for The Culture Conference, an invite-only, highly interactive  gathering in Santa Clara, CA  on April 1 & 2, 2017 for 150 business leaders.

You have been invited because you stand out as a culture pioneer, and we want to give you more inspiration, skills and systems to continue developing a strong  culture within your organization.

Our goal is that you will not only walk away with tactical best practices and toolkits, but also meaningful connections to fellow leaders who can provide an invaluable network of support and become collaborators in the future.

We also know a large part of the value in any event is the caliber of the people in the room.

Esteemed attendees include:

  • Ivy Ross, VP of Design + User Experience, Google
  • Arjun Arora, Venture Partner, 500 Startups
  • Sonali Kothari, COO, Kiva
  • James Doty MD, founder/director of CCARE
  • Marc Pomerleau, VP of Global Strategy, FreemanXP
  • Andrew Thomas, co-founder/CRO, Skybell Technologies

You will learn from exceptional presenters  who have been there and know what it takes to build a positive culture within organizations that are growing and changing everyday.

Confirmed presenters include:

  • Justin Rosenstein (co-founder, Asana)
  • Lynne Twist (co-founder Pachamama Alliance, founder Soul of Money Institute)
  • Tom Chi (rapid prototyping + inventor, Google Glass)
  • Jenna Cushner (global head of employee experience, Airbnb)
  • Jamie Woolf (leadership development, Pixar)
  • Prakash Venkataraman (leadership development, Linkedin)
  • David Hassell (CEO, 15Five)
  • Chris Good (creative director, One Workplace)
  • Julie Markham (chief of staff, Unreasonable Institute)
  • Aaron Dignan (founder, The Ready, co-founder Responsive.org)
  • Diana Chapman (co-founder, Conscious Leadership Group)
  • Anese Cavanaugh (author, “Contagious Culture”)
  • Bear Kittay (social alchemist, Burning Man)
  • Betsy Crouch + Zoe Galvez (co-founders, Improv HQ)

We’re designing the experience to be interactive, energizing and immediately applicable to your business.

The event includes experiential workshops, engaging speakers, interactive art, play breaks and ample opportunities to connect and learn from the fellow experts in the room.

You will leave with an action plan for your own personal development, as well as a specific initiative you want to bring back to your organization. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Frameworks to create customized programs for your team and organization that enhance employee engagement and development.
  • Insights into why diversity and inclusion is important and just the beginning.
  • Strategies to prepare for the unexpected as a leader and become more resilient in this new era of accelerated change.
  • Best practices to design high performance teams to be more responsive and collaborative.
  • Case studies of the organizational structures that have proven to be successful in the most innovative companies.
  • Approaches to designing physical work spaces for optimal creativity and collaboration.



There are 3 tiers of tickets - each one is first come first served. When a tier of tickets sells out, the next tier becomes available at a higher price.

The first tier of 50 tickets becomes available starting Dec 5th , which we plan to sell out by Jan 2017, so please sign up now and reserve your spot.

If you have any questions, please directly e-mail Ting, our assistant director, at info@thecultureconference.com.

We look forward to seeing you in Santa Clara next April!

Many thanks,

Jenny Sauer-Klein

Founder and Director, The Culture Conference

Founder, Play On Purpose